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Why Choose Neo as Your Rental Manager?

Neo is uniquely positioned to get the maximum returns for our clients for their investment properties as we offer both short term holiday rental management and permanent rental management options. Not every property will achieve the best results in both sectors in all markets but our experience will provide the best advise so informed decisions can be made in all markets – both high and low.

We have always worked closely with our clients many of which have multiple properties that we have purchased, sold and managed for them since 2007 providing a true turn key property investment solution.

Some of ways we achieve the best results for our clients:

  1. We can offer our clients the unique position to move their investments between short term management options and permanent rentals. Some of our clients make the most of the holiday season here and then during the low season switch to permanent rental income thus maximising returns.
  2. In the permanent rentals sector, we make sure we make sound recommendations when it is appropriate to increase the rental price per week or to secure lease extensions.
  3. Advising our clients when it is the best time to sell and then sell the property for them - maximising their profits.
  4. Sometimes it is necessary to conduct upgrades to an investment property between tenancies. Here we manage the upgrades for our clients ensuring best value for money through our trusted third party contractor network. This ensures not only maximum rental returns can be achieved but also updates the property depreciation schedule.
  5. Providing reviews on investment goals – these often change so being up to date with our client’s investment goals is important to us
  6. Some of our clients prefer to have more security with long term permanent rentals – these clients like to offer good families extended leases………..our longest tenancies have been over 10 years.

Strike up a conversation with us – we are here to help – just give us a call

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