Why Choose Neo

Fact - if you want to sell a property at best market price, you need more than an expert in property - you need an expert in selling.

7 powerful reasons why you should choose Neo Property

  • 82 Neo Property factors that can enhance your property and increase its value
  • A comprehensive customised marketing plan – from a specialised marketing team
  • A home viewing process designed specifically to sell your home and not just built around growing a database
  • Indisputable track record of credibility in the sales profesion – based on relationship marketing
  • A focussed approach to selling your home
  • A stress free process
  • Some of the highest performing salespeople in Australia who have a proven track record for converting sales, treating people with integrity and delivering real measurable value for clients

Let us show you some statistics that illustrates the “Methods of Finding a Property” for buyers. This REIQ industry information reveals a pattern showing how buyers find your property when you are selling… but it also reveals something scary when you dig through the research.

How buyers find your property – %

30%    Are introduced by the agent

7%     Word of mouth

19%    See the sign on your property

6%     Agent window display

16%   Newspaper advertising

5%    General real estate web site

5%    Specific agent’s website and magazine

2%    Open for inspection

1%    Flyer

9%    Other

Currently, agents introducing 30% of buyers may look impressive but did you know that in 1995, this figure was 55% showing that relationships have dropped by almost half? Whatever happened to customer service, follow up and long term relationships? The other obvious figure that highlights such poor service is that only 7% find their property through word-of-mouth. This should not happen when someone delivers excellent, memorable service.

With over 40 combined years of successful corporate selling, we deliver the type of service that makes us the obvious choice when selling your home. Our indisputable track record of credibility in the sales profession is based on relationship marketing and referrals from happy customers. At Neo, we expect to be referred to others by almost everyone we deal with. Our goal is to deliver the type of service that makes us the obvious choice – that makes us your property partner for life!

Neo Property will re-define the property selling experience in the real estate industry. We are determined to set the standard that has people talking about their selling experience, and talking about us to all their friends and family.

To learn more about the 7 powerful reasons and experiencing the Neo difference, please contact Michele on 0411 20 60 20 or Ian on 0412 080 290. Alternatively, if email is preferred at sales@neoproperty.com.au