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With the training and experience behind Neo’s Expert Team, you get a full range of solutions designed to deliver your property to the market in a professional appearance with built in “scientific sales and marketing psychology” that less than 3% percent of regular real estate agents even know.

Many real estate agencies use self-serving signage that builds their databases instead of focusing on selling your home. Beware of the real estate that offers to pay for your signage – it is a sales technique to get your exclusive listing and have you locked in. 30 days later they have subtly talked you down on price and the “so-called” free signage actually cost you in the $10,000’s or maybe even more.

Here you will learn-

  • Why your signage should never have a landline phone number to the real estate office
  • How to use the Power of Color Psychology to enhance your first impression and attract more than the standard REIQ figure of 19% traffic to your home through signage
  • What layout signs should have and the biggest mistakes other real estate make that YOU PAY for!
  • The ONE thing you should do at night when your property is on the market – this can attract or lose you buyers based on this one simple thing
  • How to directly affect the brain of your prospective buyers when they walk through your home so they naturally slip into a buying mood
  • And much more…

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